Graduation Speech : Education Courses Is A Waste Of Time And General Education Requirements

785 Words Feb 8th, 2016 4 Pages
Most college students would agree that general education courses are a waste of time and general education requirements were eliminated from college, however sustancial complications would ensue if general education courses were eliminated. The proposition of making major related courses the only major requirement, would displace several components of college that benefits millions of students. For instance, the countless college students who are yet to decide on a major, and students that decide to switch their major during their college career. Furthermore, most majors require prerequisite knowledge of basic concepts in either Math, Science, English, and the Social Sciences. Simply skipping several semesters worth of a diverse and well balanced education would be a disastrous course of action, with various implications for a significant amount of college students. A significant amount of college is spent taking general education courses, more so for students in need of remediation. Although more courses required increases the price of a college education, there are more benefits than drawbacks. For instance, eliminating general education would put immense pressure on high school students to decide on a major before entering college. For example, a high school senior who is unsure of their career aspirations may be rushed into committing to a major that he or she may not excel in. Reforming college in this manner could potentially displace thousands of incoming…

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