Graduation Speech : Education And Education Essay

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Graduation is intended to celebrate one’s efforts and highlights of accomplishments done while an individual ventured and completed their educational journey, any educational level (Elementary through University level). Recently my younger sister celebrated her graduation from high school and I celebrated my graduation from university. As everyone congratulated us for our accomplishments and hard work, I celebrated with them but also felt a sort of guilt, guilt that started from an early age in the realization of my self-endowed privilege over my mothers. In my household the importance of education was always important and seen as a priority but with this being said the background in regards to educational level from my mother it lacked far from our progressive educational competence.

My mother’s upbringing reflects a different reflection from both my sisters and my self’s upbringing. She grew up in a very ritual area which work in the farm was seen more important than education itself because of the survival dependency put onto it. It was decided for her to stop going to school because the need for more helping hands in the farm stopped her from going to school in the equivalence to what we know to be the third grade level. She does not let her educational background define her, she assets how everyone has their life’s journey (good or bad) it is up to the individual to make the best out of any situation regardless. As far as I can remember, she always asserted the…

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