Graduation Speech : Education And Education Essay

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Education has and always will be up for debate because society feels that every child should have the equal right to an education. Post-secondary school is becoming more than just an option, but part of the equal right to education. Our K-12 education system is no longer sufficient enough to obtain a substantial income. For a single person to acquire economic security, “It would take a minimum wage of $14.17 an hour” which is 2/3 what it costs for a family of four to survive (Berman). A 2011 study from The U.S. Department of Education’s National Statistics (NCES) recorded people who have a bachelor’s degree make on average $16,900 more than those with only a High school diploma. With tuition rates increasing 3-4% a year and federal aid decreasing each year college becomes harder for High school grads to obtain (Bidwell). The next step to keep our education the best in the world is incorporating college into our standard education. This will virtually guarantee our future generations success.
Not every student has the opportunity to go to post-secondary school inhibiting their ability to succeed. Many students go through High School and aren’t able to go past that due to financial status. The large cost of tuition is burdened onto the parents of these children, and many cannot bear any more costs. Many of these children don’t have any financial backing from their parents at all, and many financial aid avenues simply aren’t enough. Michael Hiltzik, a Los Angeles Times reporter…

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