Graduation Speech : Education And Education Essay

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It is commonly known fact that students who can relate to their teachers, subjects, or even the content that is being taught in the classroom, that student will succeed better than the students who do not care, or are interested. When teacher are able to get those students to care, be interested, and put in the extra effort, chances are they are practicing Personally Meaningful Education. Personally Meaningful Education is when a teacher is able to go above and beyond to actively engage their students and perform better in the classroom. Teachers can achieve this goal by building a rapport with their students and having a positive learning environment, being able to identify how each of their students learn and adapting their class to meet each child’s individual needs, and being able to find material that their students will be interested in and or able to relate to. At the beginning of the school year, it is critical that teachers can build a relationship between each of their students, and that is commonly known as rapport. The way teachers can build up rapport is simply by greeting each student every morning at the door before school starts, start off every class with a “Question of the Day” as an icebreaker and also, to get their student’s mind thinking about what class will be about that day. Also, teachers should attend extra-curricular activities such as sporting events, band/chorus concerts, drama club shows, school dances or any other type of school function…

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