Graduation Speech : Education And Education Essay example

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Education is of the utmost importance and is often looked down upon by the younger generation of students in lower levels of education. Unfortunately for most students it is not until they attend a university do they really appreciate all that education has to offer them. The cost of education just continues to get higher for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students, which sets them back further in their success upon graduation because of crippling student debt. It is pertinent that students, including myself learn to appreciate the free education that they are offered early on in their academic career. In addition, there needs to be more of an emphasis on learning the skills needed to succeed in college and how to manage the stress of school, in younger school aged kids. Before entering a university, I didn’t value the importance of education, free education, and being able to manage the stress of school and future success. However, I now have an appreciation for all of the skills acquired in lower levels of schooling to prepare me for the rigor and intensity of higher level thinking in college and post-graduation. My view of education for the past couple years is drastically different then how I view it now. I did not value my education and academic success, and didn’t see it as something to be taken that seriously. I did what was necessary to graduate and maintain a certain GPA. There was never a motivation to go above and beyond what was expected. I did not take…

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