Graduation Speech : Education And Education Essay example

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The year was 2008 when my four brothers, and I packed up for Minnesota. Our parent and three other siblings were waiting for our arrival. I was born and raised in the Southern part of Ethiopia in a remote village. I came from a community of undereducated farmers where there was no opportunity for education. At the age of three, my parents with my three siblings immigrated to the United States. I was left behind with my grandmother in a small village in Ethiopia. My parents abandoned me in Ethiopia without telling me where they were going. At the time, I was too naive to understand their situation, and I missed them dearly. I pondered a lot to figure out why my parents left me, but I was determined to attend school to get an education. School systems in Ethiopia are very different from school in the United States. Teaching style, teachers, and their teaching standard are completely different compared to school in the US. Teachers were very abusive, beating up the student was their standard rule, and I have taken a couple of those beatings for not agreeing with the teachers. Some days I skipped classes just to escape the beatings. I could not learn anything because of the punishments, and as a result, I did not get a proper education prior to moving to the United States

I was ten years old when I started hearing rumors about America. The rumor seems to grow rapidly even when my uncle told my sibling and me that we might be coming to America. To me, this place was a fantasy,…

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