Graduation Speech : Earth Science For Teachers Essay

723 Words Nov 16th, 2015 3 Pages
This semester I have been taking a class called Earth Science for Teachers. It is a class that is geared towards elementary education majors. In this class I have had the opportunity to work in a first grade class room at Saint Marks Catholic School and mentor a few students in designing and completing a science fair project. I have been in the same class room 4 times for 2 hours each. Each time that I have been there I have observed the many amazing and creative ways of teaching.
My favorite would have to be their American Sign Language lesson. I got to the school early and had the opportunity observe their daily class activity. A teacher who had a hearing disability, and was fluent in American Sign Language was running the lesson. He had the students sitting in a circle on the carpet. They each got a fun sized package of M&M’s and a work sheet that had pictures of different types of Thanksgiving foods on it. He then taught them the signs for the different foods. Such as turkey, green beans, rolls, pie, mashed potatoes, etc. He then asked the children to open up their M&M’s and set one M&M down on their favorite food, and they could only choose one favorite. After the students had followed directions he started signing the different foods and asking each student to raise their hand if that was their favorite food. They had to know what each sign meant in order for them to be able to raise their hand. At the end they also had a little bit of math. They had to count how many…

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