Graduation Speech : ' Democratic Classrooms And Accessible Instruction `` By Celia Oyler

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While observing in Iselin Middle School, I joined Mr. T in his eighth grade music class. Mr. T has a small amount of students in his general music class. The class I observed had six students in it. These students had a varying amount of experience with general music and how to play the instruments in the classroom. I did not notice until Mr. T had told me that one of his students was a special needs student. He challenged her just like he challenged the rest of the students and even let her get the lead part on one of the keyboard songs that they were rehearsing in class. Mr.T continued to push all of his students, but pushed this one particular student even more because she was interested in learning how to play the keyboard. In some schools, they do not let special education students into “normal” classrooms. “Democratic Classrooms and Accessible Instruction” by Celia Oyler is a piece that puts emphasis on the importance of inclusion in the classroom. It is beneficial to all students to be in a classroom that has a diverse group of learners and for students to be in a classroom where they feel like they belong.
Although it may seem difficult as an educator to include all types of learners in the classroom it is very important to do so, especially with students with special needs. Oyler mentions a student she observed named Marie; Marie was part of an inclusive class. This is similar to the student in Mr. T’s class. Marie made it clear that she had ideas to contribute…

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