Essay on Graduation Speech : Columbia College

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Columbia College
How did the chicken enter into college? By selling its left kidney. While this joke is funny it truly represents the struggles of entering college. College tuition seems to go up every year making it harder to encourage students to pay the money to go to college. The main point students need to remember is the importance of an education, and how much further it will take you in life than a GED. College is not supposed to be all about education either, because the relationships you establish in college will affect you for the rest of your life. Columbia College is an excellent college regarding its location, clubs, and sports along with its programs of study, and it is affordable for high school students and graduates. Columbia College is located in the heart of Columbia, MO. Living in the middle of a big city with a population of 115,276 can be very exciting and new to some students because it allows them to experience different things. Columbia has many sports programs to offer for adults such as basketball, kickball, and volleyball (“City of Columbia”). Different programs within the city are essential for bringing the community together, and allowing people to make new friends. Columbia has approximately 75 parks open to the public. Parks are great hangout places for college students and great places to relax and get away from the stress of college. Since Columbia is a big city the chance of getting robbed or hurt are increased. A person has…

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