Essay Graduation Speech : College Students

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The word college has been frequently heard throughout many individuals’ childhoods and especially during their high school years. Many freshman’s expectations include being able to experience more freedom, social events, and new adventures with others. College is one of the greatest moments an induvial can ever experience. The skills, knowledge, and technquies a student develops throughout their college years can have a dramatic change on their future. Many individuals experience tough journeys throughout their freshman year, but having the certain skills, abilities, and helpful resources needed, can help freshman succeeded in adjusting to college life. The decisions an individual will make throughout their freshman year are critical and can determine what may happen during the rest of their college years and experiences. In order to completely adjust to campus life as a freshman, every student needs to develop social, time management and several other skills as well.
Having social skills as an incoming freshman is critical throughout the beginning stages of a student’s freshman year. Social skills come with many benefits and is a key factor to have in order to adjust to college life. For one, every freshman should join several organizations. Organizations can help students grow and make connections with other students on campus as well. It allows them to gain more knowledge about their strengths and weaknesses as well as their goals and aspirations. Organizations allows…

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