Graduation Speech : College Students Essay example

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Homecoming 2014
Coming from high school to college can be a significant step in a student’s life. The new people and traditions create a new lifestyle for young adults on the edge of adulthood. Embracing maturity and learning to fend for oneself are only a few of the many challenges faced as an incoming college student. As a freshman arriving on campus, harder classes and a new environment to live in pose as a new feat to conquer. Everything seen and heard during the first year in college can have a lasting effect on someone, but what truly leaves its lasting impression is homecoming. Homecoming is a gathering of all age groups to enjoy the campus they all once inhabited. Older generations get to speak with younger students that are still in attendance. Alumni often take this time to remind others of their reputation when they were in school. Younger students can talk to this older crowd and gain knowledge about the campus and how it once was before they were here, they can also use this time to network with others and make important connections. Homecoming is a great experience for the younger students at vsu to gain knowledge about the school, build strong relationships, and network with each other.
Alumni are a sight to see as they arrive to their old college campus and reminisce, often in packs determined by age or affiliation. Fraternity and sorority members find each other and remain together while on campus. Even though these fraternity members flock together,…

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