Graduation Speech : College Students Essay

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Many college students do not include exercise in their regular everyday life. The average individual in college is far too busy during the week with work, studying, and the other basic needs of being a college student to worry about whether or not they are getting the proper exercise intake. They are too concerned about their next test or their next assignment due rather than caring about if they are physically fit. However, college students are age the age that at least 150 minutes of physical exercise is needed at least 2 or 3 days a week. Many college students do not even do any kind of vigorous exercise at all during the week, especially online students. A student may feel like they should prioritize their academics over their physical health. Many college students do not know the consequences of not being involved in some kind of healthy lifestyle while they are in college. It is not until those students are in their older ages, that they realize just how important including physical exercise in their life as an emerging adult was. Most doctors will encourage or sometimes even require people to include cardio into their daily lifestyles, whether it is walking, jogging, or preparing for a marathon. This type of exercises will decrease the likelihood of an individual contracting heart problems as they get older because of how strong the heart will get with regular cardio exercise in their routine. The result of the heart becoming stronger allows for more blood to move…

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