Essay about Graduation Speech : College Students

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1) Since I can miss class five times without having my grade penalized the four absences is alright. Due to the fact that I was also late to class seven times and one lateness is counted as half an absent, my total absences is 7 ½ times. Since you (Professor Koskela) does not distinguish between excused and unexcused absences my total number of absences remains as 7 ½ times. Subsequently, each additionally absent after the fifth lowers your finally grade 5% for each absent my final grade will be an 87% (B+).
2) Homework such as reading questions and formal papers are to be turned in through BlackBoard SafeAssign. The assignments are to be uploaded on their due dates before class has started.
3) Each late assignment is docked 10% for each day that is late. So far I have missed four days to hand in the assignment. The highest grade I can receive on this assignment is 60%.
4) Peer review revisions help you get a higher grade on the assignment. If I do not bring in my paper on peer review day, I will not be able to participate in the peer review session. Even worse, I will receive a zero for that half of my peer review grade.
5) Scholastic dishonestly can result in penalizing actions even if you did not mean to do it in the first place. Although it is acceptable to directly quote and paraphrase someone else’s work, you need to cite to the original source. Failure to do this will count as plagiarizing even if it is directly quoted.
6) If you are working with a friend on an…

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