Graduation Speech : College Radio Station Essay examples

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When I entered college as a broadcasting major at Montclair State University in NJ I wandered into my school’s college radio station as a freshman with one goal in mind: To have my own radio show and do whatever it takes in order to get it. Fast forward 4 and a half years and I am 6 months into my first full time job as an Associate Producer in my dream career field of broadcasting and I can 't help but reflect back on how much my college radio experience has helped me in my first taste of the real world. My experience in college radio benefited me more than any coursework, jobs, or internships. No matter what field or major somebody chooses the best piece of advice I could give anyone currently in college or entering college is to join their school’s radio station and get involved hands on with every aspect of the radio station that interest you from the web team to the production of shows and segments. Here is just a couple of ways being apart of College Radio helped prepare me for my career: 1.) Interacting With Others and Working as a Team. The verbal/written communication skills you develop working with many different people is a vital asset to any career no matter the field. From something as simple as writing an email to your superiors, to how to conduct yourself in a meeting, clear communication is needed on a day to day basis. At the end of my college career I became a student manager of my station and the experience of learning how to work with school…

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