Essay about Graduation Speech : College Prep

1096 Words May 2nd, 2016 null Page
I would like to take a moment to say thank to all my friends who believed in and gave the most awkward motivation speech from their little hearts to help me when I need it in my school career. They gave the determination I lacked when others made me feel like high school was not worth it for me. I will like to say thanks to friends that will go to the gym with me, even though we just ran our mile and they want a taco and then sleep for six hours. I will take a moment, I will like to say thank you to my friends who help me deal with one of my biggest fears..... Rejection I.E applying to colleges believing in myself and saying I could anywhere in this world. I will remember this when I am applying to grad school, jobs, and asking girls out. I will thank to my friends who gave me strength to be first in my family to graduate Pritzker college prep. One of the Chicago easiest high school from the lack of rules and to wearing whatever we want from the lovely khaki to pole shirts. However, it would be very petty for me to forget all help the teachers gave me.
I will like to say thank you to my gym teachers of Mr. Wetmore and Ms, Driessen. They always there in weight room super early than any human needs to be at this school. It gave me a chance to let ... lot of my inner energy in the morning.I will like to say thank you to both of my Russian teachers from junior year to senior for always believing in me and helping in difficult of task of learning foreign language.…

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