Graduation Speech : College My Senior Year Essays

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When I applied to college my senior year, I was hopeful that I would be able to have the opportunity to pick college that I wanted to attend, but I was realistic knowing that my options would be limited. I underachieved my freshman and sophomore year, but thankfully I was accepted into my top school (Pace University). I considered being accepted as an opportunity for me to make up for my first two years underachieving and have the intention of excelling. My goal is to make myself stand out and grow to become a desirable worker in the mind’s of companies looking to hire me. After I completed my first year of college, I felt that I was missing out on being involved in a program that would ensure that I would grow and reach my full potential. Once I heard about the Pforzheimer Honors College and learned more about this highly selective program, I knew that this was the missing piece in the education will help propel me to become the student I want to be once I graduate.
If I were to join the honors college then I would be able to take difficult classes reserved for the top students. Although the classes are more demanding, I believe that I would benefit from taking on such a challenging workload to reach my full potential. Taking honors level courses at Pace will help refine my skills in business and also prepare me for the workload I would expect to see in at my first job. I have already taken one honors level class during my freshman year, POL 114: International Relations…

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