Graduation Speech : College Is Tied Directly With Their Parents ' Educational Level

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The outcome/probability of any student graduating from school/college is tied directly to their parents’ educational level. Students whose parents did not attain a higher education are at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to preparing the transition from high school to college. goes on to talk about how first-generation college students (FGS) struggle both emotionally and physically towards the adjustment to college since their parents were unable to persuade a higher education. Ramos-Sánchez explains that due to that lack of knowledge/familiarity with college, FGS parents’ are unable to assist or give any advice to morally support their children in the obstacles they face daily. Unfortunately, the role of parents in the college education of their child is not always clearly defined as it can be challenging for them because they are not familiar with the college experience; since they simply transition from a lower education straight to the workforce. Issues arise for FGS included personal guidance, study tips/habits, solving skills, favorable attitudes, and using available resources properly.
On the other hand, examining continuing-generation college students (CGS) parents’ who achieve a higher education proved that their children were more academically prepared, than any other student, for college. along with his research partner discusses students who hold high levels of cultural education also acquire more resources and more familiarity within the college setting.…

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