Graduation Speech : College Is Not The Most Common Thing For College Students

1117 Words Dec 4th, 2015 null Page
I have recently decided that I wanted to go to college and get a job that I want. I know that I will be in debt for a while, but hopefully and eventually I will get out of debt. Debt is the most common thing for college students. I think that going to college straight after high school when it begin to start that my mind will be fresh from all the good facts. It’s very hard to decide what I want to go to college for. My biggest worry is that I will go to college and change my major and not proceed what I wanted to do. These are some of my plans i want to do as i get out high school.
To begin, my life is very stressful and I know that it will get stressful as I continue to get out in the world. I have proceeded with what I wanted to do so I go back and forth. My first option that I want to do or go to college for is being a PE teacher. I like to exercise and I think it will only make you healthier. It would be a fun job and i will get to spend time with kids. If I got to do this then I would go and work for the elementary school. I think that some of the things you go to college for you need to move to a bigger town to pursue your dream job. Some time or many times people will go to college and they and when they are done with college they don 't go in that career. I want to figure out now so i won 't be wasting too much money. Location for colleges is something i been trying to figure out. If i like the town or city i want to go to. I think getting to know how the place to…

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