Graduation Speech : College Honor Society Replaces Principal 's Lunch

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During my younger school years I’ve achieved academic honors for the work I’ve put into school. Making honor roll, and principal’s lunch represent only a few. Achieving these honors took effort and dedication, which sometimes I lacked. When needing to find the effort my mom stood by my side.Progressing through the years these academic honors still hold true; now National Honor Society replaces principal’s lunch. Approaching senior year I must settle down for a college and look to my mom for guidance to choose the right one
My mom pushed me to shoot for the stars and never give up. Work given to me in 1st grade might seem really easy, but to me the work was overpowering. I struggled with the silliest things and always wanted to give up. When I felt like that my mom was right there. My mom constantly said, ¨What you do now benefits you so much in the future¨, and ¨If you don’t finish your homework you don’t get any sweets¨. Every little kid would fall into that trap of no sweets until your homework is finished, and that’s exactly what I did. Everyday after school I sat down at the table and wrote vocab and finished my multiplication. What did I receive for doing that? Soon I got honor roll and got to sit with the principal during lunch. Feeling so accomplished and proud I ran home to my mom and told her about my exciting day and she looked at me and said, ¨I told you so¨.
I remember one day after 3rd grade I came home with a page of the continents. Thinking they were really…

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