Graduation Speech : College Freshmen Essay

1213 Words Dec 8th, 2015 null Page
When people begin a new chapter in life, they begin to think how things are going to fulfill in their life whether it’s positive or negative. Just as a normal person, I began a new chapter in my life which involved me coming to USM. Yes, I had my doubts on somethings, but I knew there had to be some good in it. As I made my schedule to start the fall of 2015, I noticed that I had English as my first class to take. In high school, I hated my English classes. It wasn’t that it was hard or anything. I just wasn’t able to see my potential being presented as a high school student. While in this class as a college freshmen, I have been able to see my work fulfill before my own eyes. The projects that I have produced this semester have made me very proud in what I have accomplished and created. The fact that I have been able to take small ideas and make them into somethings much bigger has challenged me in many ways. It has made me think more and even view other’s viewpoints on what I may be subjected to. As this semester has quickly gone by, I have enhanced my writing and reading skills, and I have also fulfilled the course contract. This improvement can be seen while viewing my revision of my analytical paper or even by noticing my participation and my effort to go above and beyond in this class. In my revised analytical paper, I showed how I was able to be more analytical on what I was writing about, and I also added evidence to allow my reader to see how I felt about the…

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