Graduation Speech : College Experience Essay

777 Words Apr 19th, 2016 4 Pages
Many students begin their college life with hopes and dreams of earning a degree, transferring to university, and improving their state of affairs at home, at work or life in general. Often, students are faced with obstacles and challenges that can seem impossible to overcome after students begin their college experience. For some students, it just slows them down; for others, it can stop them from achieving those hopes and dreams. Because many students are distressed by time management, workload, major, and personal responsibility in college, they must make an effort to overcome them if they make their college life more meaningful.

Firstly, many students are troubled in time management. It is hard for freshman to manage time because scheduled school days are fixed and structured based on a portion of time during the day when they used to be junior high school and high school student. However, it is totally different in college. Students will have to decide what time they will take their courses and how those courses will line up with other obligations. If students are not good at time management, they will be late for class or forget to submit their homework. I interviewed one of my friends who have never missed a class and forgotten to submit his homework in college. He said “the most important thing to overcome for time management is using an app”. For example, he reevaluates his time management to use “Lifebear”, which is an app that can manage schedules, task, and…

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