Graduation Speech : College Education Essay

1403 Words Feb 23rd, 2016 6 Pages
“I don’t want to spend any more time in school! I’m sick of it, and I am not going to college,” is what most high school students say at some point in their life or maybe even daily, but most students do not realize that attending college could be a life transforming decision that determines and affects their future in drastic ways. College has many high school students questioning if receiving a college degree is truly worth it, and in the eyes of many researchers, yes, it is completely worth it for many significant reasons. Those reasons include: college graduates earn a substantial amount more with many more job opportunities when they have a college degree, they also have greater job stability, along with further benefits, which will overall make for a more lucrative life. Not to mention, there is a growing number of jobs that require some level of college education, and it will make it extremely difficult for those without one to even find an adequate job to make a living off of in the near future with only high school diploma. Given these very valuable points, college education is not only necessary but essential to live a more successful, healthy, moderate lifestyle. Students wonder why their parents are always pushing them off to college, and the first and far most obvious reason that most students even attend college is for financial reasons, such as earning more money. It is proven that a college graduate, depending on the degree, earns much more in a lifetime…

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