Graduation Speech : College Education Essay

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At some point in high school, students start thinking about college and its importance. From there, they will be told that, now more than it has ever been before, getting a college education opens doors in the job market that are not for those who did not pursuit a higher education. Some will be told that there is a chance to succeed without higher education, and avoiding over spending on a college education with its tuition cost that keeps rising and does not guarantee to student a job afterwards. It is a reality that the cost of obtaining a higher education can be a financial burden and a commitment for years; nonetheless, it is also unambiguous how important it is in the competitive search for a job and certainly a high-paying one. A college education is important in the United States of America; whether it is to have an edge over other job-seekers, or when a certain person is in pursuit of a high-paying job.” For the past few decades, it has been widely argued that a college degree is a prerequisite to entering the middle class in the United States. Study after study reminds us that higher education is one of the best investments we can make, and President Obama has called it ‘an economic imperative’” (Owen and Sawhill 208). These strong words are valid in many different ways. College is in fact an investment, whether it is an investment of time or one of money. The gains can be financial or beyond, such as on a personal growth sense of view; nonetheless, the financial…

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