Graduation Speech : College Education Essays

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As I construct this essay for my college English class it would be very easy to tell you the reasons why not to go to college, but I won’t let finals week obstruct my real views on college education. A college education and experience is essential in life. The college experience encompasses networking with peers, figure out who you are, and what you want to do in life. The education you receive from college will also come with financial benefits because studies by the economist show that college graduates that work full time receive 17,500 more than people that only obtained a high school degree and work full time. Furthermore, college enhances employment opportunities because you are receiving specialized training for a specific field of study. That specialized training you have acquired from college can transition into today’s employment market. It’s also nice to have specialized training to fall back on if you want to try other career paths and they don’t workout. With the enhances in employment opportunities comes a chance to make more money. Everybody wants to make an amble amount of money and of the many ways listed to make money college is on almost every list.
To continue, on why you should attend college two major points come up that I am going to intertwine together, they are the people you meet in college and the increase in your networking. There is a saying that goes “the friends you make in college are the friends that you keep for life”. College is a…

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