Essay about Graduation Speech : College At College Of Art And Design

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As students go about choosing a college to attend after their graduation of high school, they may become overwhelmed with the number of options there are. Throughout America, we have large universities in the middle of busy cities, small community colleges in rural towns, and so many other variations. While researching these schools, students must be sure to keep their priorities in mind so that they can apply their wants and needs to what each college offers. They must remember that their desired career path will determine which college they choose because some schools don’t offer programs for certain majors. If one were to be searching for a private university that offers some of the best fine arts programs, they may look into attending Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). This university is a very reasonable choice because it is located in an incredibly beautiful area, it is a private university, and it offers a variety of fine arts programs that cater to a student’s interests and goals. SCAD has four different locations around the world, including Atlanta, Savannah, Hong Kong, and Lacoste. If one were to want a school in a city-like setting with multiple transportation services and easy accessibility to resources but also near the beach, Savannah would be perfect for them. The beach closest to the university is on Tybee Island, which is a quite popular vacation spot for families and with it being so close, these families must travel through Savannah in order to…

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