Graduation Speech : College As A Whole Essay

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College as a whole is not at all what I expected it to be like, just because I was able to wake up early for highschool it doesn’t even equal up to waking up early for a college class. Being a freshman I didn’t know what to really expect from college except from what I seen on tv. I’m a biology major currently taking five classes, Biology 131, Biology 160, Core 101, Math 138, and University 100. I was originally in six classes, but to take some of the load off that I had I decided to withdraw for Chemistry 101. My major requires more time outside of class than originally thought. For Biology 131 the main expectations for this class is to attend all classes and labs, and keep up with all the material being taught. In Biology 160 the expectations are to be prepared to learn, attend and participate, get help if needed, and arrive on time. Core 101’s expectations are to write to the best of our ability, participate in weekly discussions, and no plagiarism. In Math 138 the expectations are to attend every class, arrive to class on time, and to turn in homework on time. University 100 expectations are to come to class on time prepared to participate, seek help when needed, and to challenge yourself to try new ways of thinking. All these classes have one big expectation to abide by the Radford University Honor Pledge.
I prepare for my classes by reading over what the objective for that day is. I study for the material before arriving to class. For math and biology I practice the…

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