Graduation Speech : College And College Essay

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Before attending college, I never expected to change so drastically. Since the first day I stepped on campus and began my first class, I had already transformed in so many ways without even realizing it. After two years of attending a university, I hadn’t recognized how different I was from when I was in high school. The aspects that have changed since high school versus college include how I manage my time, study for exams, and how I interact with people.
Managing your time in college is one of the most important pieces in the, “becoming successful in college” puzzle. You take multiple classes that pile up endless amounts of work and demand hours of studying, which requires a fool-proof system of managing your time. In high school, I could get away with procrastinating on pretty much everything and it would work out just fine. In college, however, there’s absolutely zero chance that will work out for you. Trust me, I learned the hard way; the really hard way. For example, freshman year I tried to wait until the last minute to read a book for my history exam, and I stayed up through all hours of the night reading that darn book only to realize that I wasn’t even comprehending what was actually occurring in the story. Before class, I frantically wrote down notes to cram before the exam and, let’s just say, I failed the exam terribly. In the good ole days of high school, I would study for tests and do projects literally the night before they were due (albeit, not my proudest…

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