Essay on Graduation Speech : Class Of 2020

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Portfolio Essay
“You are the Vanguard Class of 2020,” said Lieutenant Colonel Cross after a long first day at USMAPS. In July 20, 2016 this phrase did not mean much to me. I completely ignored the definition of what a vanguard is. By definition a vanguard is a group of people leading the way in new developments or ideas. After three semesters of rigorous academics and military bearing, I now understand and know what it feels like to be a part of the Vanguard Class of 2020. Throughout the course of this year I developed many learning skills in which will definitely help me succeed in my upcoming years downhill at USMA. In the beginning of the academic year, I did not like to read nor write. My grammar needed a lot of help. Therefore, the first semester I focused on specifically grammar and writing. The first paper I ever wrote and turned in for a grade at USMAPS received a 72%. Being Mr. Mediocre I was completely content with not failing. In all honesty, the Little Brown Handbook saved my life. Every grammar, formatting, writing element you need to be a successful college writer is in this book. It is incredible, breathtaking actually. I started to really enjoy to write. Revising not so much because it is a lot of work to rip apart your essay and rewrite the entire thing and I am lazy at times so it becomes a hassle. I saw improvement in my grade gradually. I went from not knowing what a simple comma splice is to acing my grammar quizzes. The course reader is an extremely…

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