Graduation Speech : Children And Teens Essay

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Studies have shown that 40% of American high schools start before 8 AM, with more than 20% of middle schools starting at 7:45 AM or earlier.(Herrington) Due to this early start, most teens only get 6-7 hours of sleep when they really need 8-10 hours to be healthy. How can schools expect teens to thrive in school when they 're not getting nearly enough sleep to function completely properly? Sleep is so important to your health; yet many teens seem to be very much deprived of it. It is CRITICAL to brain development, memory function, and cognitive skills, esp. among children and teenagers.(Caimey) Across America, nearly 70% of teens are not getting enough shuteye (O’Neill). Though not all of the blame can be put on school; there are certainly other things teens do that may be adding to sleep loss; however much of it can be due to kids having to wake up so early. School should start later in the morning so that teens will feel well rested and ready to learn while in class. That would make school much more tolerable and easier for students who attend school and also for the teachers who probably could use more sleep as well and who must deal with the students all day.
Teens are actually biologically wired to stay up late and to wake up late (“Should Schools…”). The body’s circadian rhythm actually shifts during adolescence, making it physically harder for teens to get to bed and to actually rise early in the morning. Teenage behavior and attitudes worsen when the day begins…

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