Graduation Speech By Maya Angelou Essay

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Graduation plays an important role in everyone’s lives. Whether its graduating from kindergarten, from high school, or from college, it is exciting, nerve-racking, and when it is done and over with, a relief. Graduation is important because it the first step to lead us to our goals and what we want to achieve in live. Maya Angelou was excited to graduate the eighth grade and move on to the next step in her life. Maya Angelou was born in 1928, she was a poet, writer, and civil rights activist. During her life time she published three books of essays, seven autobiographies, and many poetry books. In her essay published in the “Little seagull reader, second edition” she talks about her experience graduating for the eighth grade. In her essay “Graduation” she shares her emotions and feelings graduating and felling like she is on top, but not everything went so smoothly during the graduation ceremony. The ceremony took a halt when a Caucasian male speaker took the stage and presented his thoughts and ideas about how the school could change. His speech left everyone feeling dejected after he secured new improvements for the while high school. Angelou felt as if she was being discriminated because of her color and she didn’t deserve better improvements for her school because of her race.
“It was awful to be Negro and have no control over my life. It was brutal to be young and already trained to sit quietly and listen to charges brought against my color.” (31) Angelou could feel…

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