Graduation Speech : Being A Freshman Essay

1242 Words Sep 6th, 2016 null Page
Being a freshman in high school is extremely hard , especially when all your friends went to a different high school. Here I am at Rocky River High eating lunch alone, shy to talk to anyone, and just being “a loner “ people would describe me. Meanwhile at Butler High all my friends are happy reunite with one another , have class and lunch together. The feeling of being alone sucked. A couple weeks into school they had volleyball tryouts. I decided to go since I knew how to play. Tryouts lasted for about a week after school, my bed was my best friend every night. I took tryouts very serious because this was going to allow me to make friends that has the same intrest as me. Next following week the coach sent out an email on who made the team , my bones were shaking as if I was soaking in a tub of ice. When I opened the email my name was the fifth on the list . Lucky me.
Being on the school volleyball team made me extremely happy. I made a lot of friends. I was no longer that girl that was called “a loner” ,nor was depressed because all my friends were at a different school. No, I was finally happy to have friends and be apart of a team.
During second semester, I started to being on social media more often like instagram and snapchat. One day I decided to comment a heart eyes emoji on this guy picture because he was cute of course. Later that day he responded back to me in a very nice way saying “hello gorgeous can I have your number”. He wasn 't rude asking for it nor…

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