Graduation Speech : Becoming The Classroom Essay

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There I am walking to my advanced placement microeconomics class, dreading entering the classroom. As I walk in and sit down at my usual seat, I wonder if it’s still too late to drop this class. It is too late unfortunately, but the thought still crosses my mind every time I would be in that class. After the last bell rings signifying that class will be starting, the teacher surprises us with a pop quiz. All ten students in the class groan, but reluctantly take the quiz because, well we have no other choice. This quiz was just like any other test I had taken in class, I had to keep rereading the questions just to try and figure out what it was asking and then pick an answer that hopefully was the correct one. Now this class did not turn out to be what I had expected. My expectations of the class was that it was going to be about stocks. I knew, and still know, next to nothing about stocks, so since I thought the class was going to be about them, I was excited to be taking it. However, that was not the case, but I gave the class a chance anyway. In the class we learned about supply and demand at equilibrium and the average total cost of a market. After being in the class for about a week, I came to the conclusion that, it was just not my cup of tea.
My experience with advanced placement microeconomics relates to the “educational package” (466) described by essayist Walker Percy in his essay “The Loss of the Creature.” This “educational package” (466) is the educational…

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