Graduation Speech At The University Of West Alabama Essay

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Though I do not plan to start a career in the field of Journalism, I would consider journalism opportunities as a hobby or part-time job. My interest in journalism sparked while I was a junior in high school. While attending Paul W. Bryant High School, I also attended the Tuscaloosa Center for Technologies for Broadcasting, Television Production 1, and Television Production 2. My instructor, Ms. Winston, made sure I planned on attending college to major in Journalism or a related field. However, at that time, I was not sure of the possible careers that would come with being a journalism major. Also, income played a huge factor in my career decisions. While in high school, I thought if I attended college for journalism that I could only work in a new station. However, I was confused.
Attending the University of West Alabama was not my first option. Originally, my plan was to attend a Historical Black University or College (HBCU). However, after visiting the campus of several HBCUs, I realized that I wanted to attend a college of more diversity. As time quickly passed, I began to become discourage because I was a graduating high school senior without a commitment to a potential university. In February of 2012, I attended a boys and men breakfast where recruiters from universities came to speak to young boys about the importance of going to college. At that event, I met Oliver Charles. Mr. Charles was the Director of Admissions at the University of West Alabama. Also, Mr.…

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