Graduation Speech At The Rural Alaska Honors Institute Program

711 Words Dec 1st, 2016 3 Pages
During my Junior year, my two-year English teacher Mrs. Granatir, who previously taught College Preparatory, was moving. I wondered what college prep would be like with the new English teacher. Through my senior friends, I knew what Mrs. Granatir taught her College Preparatory students and I sometimes wondered how I would do if I was going to be in that class next year; however, this new College Preparatory class, with its new teacher and completely different lessons, was more unexpected than I had imagined, but I learned more about college life than I thought I would.
Something that I never expected on the first day of school, was the young teacher, who is really honest about things, saying that we would start the school year with learning how to write scholarship essays. I have written many essays over the summer at the Rural Alaska Honors Institute program, but the idea of starting off with writing an essay, plus the idea of it being graded at a higher level, did not sound pleasant to me. As days went by, it was not as horrible as I made it out to be.
First, I learned about underlying questions. I knew that writing something unique would increase the chances of someone actually wanting to read my scholarship essay, but I never thought of writing something almost the complete opposite of the answer that people would believe they needed to write. For example, if the question asked to write about an event that changed your life, the writer would probably write about an…

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