Graduation Speech At Pasadena City College Essay example

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Throughout my life, I have always been told that I must go to college no matter what. At first, I did not really think about it that much, but now that I am a college student, I really had to get my stuff in order and take action while I attended to college. And that is exactly what I did. During the fall semester of 2016, at Pasadena City College, I was able to become a part of the Pathways program, join the Lancers for Life program, and was even able to secure a job position within Ralph’s. However, what I felt most accomplished about would be of all the classes that I have taken. All my classes were overall great and I was glad to have spent my time in these classes. Yet, it was not only feelings, but it was also my education that I felt quite proficient on. And this is especially true for English 100. In fact, I feel so confident that I would even say that I deserve to get an A in the class. All the work and essays that I have turned in, the amount of office hours and participation I’ve attended, and overall, the high recognition that I was able to receive during my time in Professor Emily Fernandez’s English class should be evidence enough.

First, let me talk about the actual class and the assignments that we were assigned to do. Throughout the entire time that I was in the class, I would attend to class every day and on time, for the most part, to make sure that I do not miss a single thing during class time, despite it being all in Canvas. And every time that I…

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