Essay on Graduation Speech At Mcmaster University

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Imagine this, it’s the year 2019. 20,000 or so undergraduate students at McMaster University will be graduating, bidding farewell to a place they called home for the past 4 years. For most families, this is bittersweet. Parents will be filled with excitement and joy as they witness their child take momentous steps into adulthood; however, will also be left with an overwhelming feeling of dread when faced with the impending debts and loans that remain.

This is the reality for many families and undergraduate students, myself included. While the prospect of obtaining a degree and landing a secure job seems heavenly, the cost to achieve it is rather contrary.

Most families will do what they can to help their children pay for University and lessen the burden of debts that loom. Increasing trends to supplement for high fees include delayed retirement and taking out multiple mortgages.

This rings true to many families myself included. Neither myself nor my parents had anticipated that I would be spending the next four years of my University career away from home. Being a commuting student was always the first choice to lessen the expenses that come with post-secondary school. However, to both our surprise I chose and fell in love with McMaster.

I was now in a situation where I was making very big financial decisions that would not only affect me but my family and our future. Choosing to study away from home meant additional fees on top of books and tuition. My parents had…

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