Graduation Speech At Bowie State University Essays

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Education is Key
Education is the key to success; this is a common quote that comes up when someone talks about becoming successful in life. The best form of education is the one students receive in the classroom. The form of higher education is what can set a part the successful and the non-successful. Michelle Obama stresses the importance of a higher education at her commencement speech at Bowie State University. It is a greater deal for minorities to receive an education because they have a harder time progressing in society in the United States. Higher education leads to a higher salaries, less unemployment and it creates a generational cycle of higher education. To be very successful one must receive a higher education to increase their skills and knowledge to have a higher value in society.
Money seems to be the main source to what drives individuals to work hard. The more money you can make at doing something the more likely a person will try to do the task. The catch is that most of the jobs that pay the high salaries require lots of skills which comes in the form of higher education. “Just look at the statistics for people who earn a bachelor’s degree or higher make nearly three times more money than high school dropouts”(Obama). More alarming is that it is a big gap between the salaries between the blacks and whites. The median income for black households is less than sixty percent that of white ones. (Luhby) Statistics show the median income for whites is roughly…

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