Graduation Speech And International Business Woman Essay

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For as long as I can remember, every teacher I have ever had made us share with the class what we wanted to be when we grew up. As a group, we would sit in a large circle and take turns sharing how we wanted to spend our adult lives. Some would be squirming in their chair, anxiously awaiting their turn to blurt out their lifetime goal. I, however, would be intensely listening to everyone else 's answers. Eventually, I would hear one that I could piggyback on and agree for the moment that I might want to do that too. I never had a recurring answer every year. I have responded with a wide range of jobs that included president, teacher, film composer and international business woman. But as hard as I tried, nothing seemed to be the calling that I always wished to figure out. At this point in my life, I am expected to know where my life should be headed, and I feel like college will be the first stepping stone to doing that. My whole life I have been searching for contentment. I was the elementary school kid who had to try everything at least once to experience it for myself. My time after school and weekends were jammed packed with activities. There were long days of doing homework and eating takeout in the car while my mom drove me from place to place to do every sport or club under the sun. However, it gave me the exposure as a kid to say what I didn’t like and what I may want to pursue in the future. I’m hoping my college experience does the same. College is said to be a…

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