Essay on Graduation Speech : An Educational Vision

1384 Words Jul 30th, 2015 null Page
In order to be a successful, inspiring and powerful teacher, educators need a game plan ready the minute they walk into the classroom. Before entering the classroom, these strategies and courses of action need much deliberation and then reflection to ensure the most positive effect on students. Although these plans will change with time, having an overall course of direction with purposes desired to achieve, the rigorous challenges and opportunities that will inevitably occur and ultimately how to implement these things in teaching to fulfill an educational vision.
All inspiring and active teachers have certain reasons why they feel the need to contribute to the world of formal education. Many of these reasons overlap with others, while other reasons may be from unique experiences they themselves endured. For me personally, I have always had a desire to work with those students who struggle or have ill feelings towards Math. From my experience, students who dislike Math often result in even more struggle towards the subject. My purpose is to articulate all necessary Math concepts clearly, while teaching the practicalities of the subject. I also believe the way students in the past have been taught, “to do” Math see no need for it in the real world where they compartmentalize one world for math, and a completely separate world for real life practicalities; and my purpose is to merge the two to overlap. Thus incorporating current events and life issues into my Math class, and…

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