Essay on Graduation Speech : A Semester Of Improvement

1698 Words Dec 10th, 2015 null Page
A Semester of Improvement Every year, English students work hard in order to perform well in their English classes. These students strive, not only to earn a good grade, but to meet their overall goal to improve their writing. Every student wants to ensure that their final essay is stronger than their first essay. This year I have achieved this goal as my writing has improved since the beginning of the year. In fact, I have not only improved my essay, but my overall class performance as well. This year my class participation has been satisfactory, my performance has met expectations, my progress has increased at a steady pace, and my writing process has improved. My skill areas which I singled out for improvement mid-year have also proved, especially my comma usage. My participation has been excellent this year, even though I could create some slight improvements by actively engaging more in class. My attendance is almost perfect as I have rarely missed a class this year. The classes that were missed were missed for important reasons and not just because I wanted to skip. I have also met expectations for being prepared this semester. I have had the textbooks with me for almost every day of class. I admit that I forgot the textbooks once or twice, but since then I have been extra careful to ensure I have them on me during class. However I could use improvement in active engagement during class. My active engagement has been fair, but I find I will sometimes lose focus…

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