Graduation Speech : A New Year Essay

834 Words Jan 27th, 2016 4 Pages
A new year is here and with all the talk about resolutions and new beginnings bigger themes and issues may get lost in the shuffle. Teens should pay attention to the following 10 topics as we navigate our way through 2016 -- Bon voyage!
1. The Presidential Election. An election of firsts - first time that some of us will be able to vote, first time we might elect a female president, and the first time some of us have even though twice about politics. This is an election that will determine the next four, if not eight, years of our country 's direction, the period of time during which we will become adults. Not paying attention would be shortsighted, to say the least.
2. The Cost of College. It 's a constant refrain and it 's true -- without a college degree we stand no chance in the workforce of the future. With college on the horizon, the relentless series of articles about student debt make the process of choosing a college extra-harrowing. It 's up to us to amplify the conversation about ballooning college costs so that we can get the education we need at a price we can afford.
3. The Environment. In the aftermath of the Paris climate conference, things are looking up for the global environment. It is especially noteworthy that traditional polluters, such as the United States, and emerging polluters, such as China and India, all signed on to the Paris protocols. But, will a flashy agreement based on a shaky consensus be enough for meaningful change? It may be, but only if…

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