Graduation Speech : A Mass Of 21.0 Million Student Essay

1124 Words Mar 3rd, 2015 null Page
Its projected in 2014 a mass of 21.0 million student 's are to further their academic lives in American universities and colleges and I was one of the fortunate ones to choose to advance my educational experience. I entered this English Composition one course with the thought so long as I let the word 's flow out using a source which has been called a “Stream of Conscious” I wouldn 't have any difficulty. Only to learn the hard way that these form 's of writing are unacceptable. To add strain to the already dire situation, the source of information I use “Wikipedia” is also invalid. Essentially my pen or what I thought was my pen wasn 't mine to begin with. I was told that there is no wrong way to write and while this may be true, I believe there 's more to it as there are many way 's to write. As I 'm moving through this course I 've gained a beginners pencil and while I am nearing the end of this course I 'm left with the question of not what is writing, but how to write?

There are many method 's to write, both the way I write and the way this class requires me to write are just some examples. With that said I would like to closely examine how I am making this transition from my style of writing to an entirely fact based style of writing, I would also like to discuss my dependence on Wikipedia and the difficulty of finding reliable information.

Near the beginning of the class we were instructed to post entries into our journal 's, at this time I was just starting to…

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