Essay on Graduation Speech : A High School

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On November 19th I went to New Dorp high school as I do every year to watch Sing. Sing is a performance the school puts on each year. The students are divided into two teams: SeniorSoph, which consist of all the seniors and sophomores that want to be involved, and JuniorFresh, which are all the juniors and freshman involved. Both teams have to come up with an original play that the director writes him or herself and they then compete to see who will win that year. The shows are judged off multiple categories. There are always four judges assigned to come each night and give critiques. Judges are always alumni Sing performers. The shows always last two nights and on the final night they are judged off of script, choreography, music, stagecraft, costumes, spirit, and or originality. To give the students more of an advantage for an overall high score, they are judged and given scores for each categories on both nights, but not revealed until the last show on the final night. This year “JuniorFresh” put on a play they called Sincerely Yours. They acted as high school students (which came naturally to them, considering they 're all in high school) who were in the middle of electing a new vice principle for their school. I found this idea to be creative, knowing they would get the audiences attention since the show was soon after the election for our country. Their moral of the story explained although people have different opinions we could come together as one to agree on our…

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