Graduation Speech : A High School Student Essay

1703 Words May 22nd, 2016 7 Pages
A high school student’s main focus in life at this moment is keeping their GPA up while being able to do the things they love while also balancing a social life; however, this can become quite overwhelming. They cannot concentrate on one thing more than another or else everything goes off balance. A student should have at least one day off every two weeks to keep up with their schedule. Even if they have everything done, they could also use that day to socialize with friends. The amount of stress a high school student accumulates, as well as teachers, can become too overwhelming at times and they deserve a day every two weeks to catch up with schoolwork or for them to have time for themselves. The amount of work given to the student is the main thing that keeps them from being in all of the extra things they may want to do. For example, students need passing classes in order to play in a sport; they also have to keep that grade up or they are out. This is the same for other various activities. While they have the pressure of having to keep those grades up, students can become over stressed and overwhelmed. The amount of work some teachers give is astonishing. Sometimes, teachers have planned to take a test or quiz one day and three other teachers have a quiz or test planned for the same day. This means the student has to study for each one of the classes and they run a risk of forgetting about one class or focusing more about one test, than another. Tests are not the only…

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