Graduation Speech : A High Rate Of Honor Students Essay

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The stage is set for graduation. Prospective teachers in America walk across the platform to receive their diplomas in 2014. As a graduate’s name is called out at the University of Minnesota, the crowd cheers as the student also receives a grade-based honor. Getting an honor is a big deal, and 30 percent of all graduate students at around 500 universities do get one. Meanwhile, 44 percent of our nation’s upcoming teachers receive an honor, which is 14 points above the average (National Council on Teacher Quality). This difference can best be explained by the institutions the future teachers graduate from. A high rate of honor students suggests either an extreme enthusiasm for learning from the undergraduate students, or that universities are giving high grades to coursework that does not require much work. Numerous studies suggest the latter. The consequence of sending out teachers that are not prepared to teach is pernicious to our nation’s future. The last thing a student should worry about is whether their teacher is prepared enough to teach them the skills they need to succeed. So, are teachers in America graduating from rigorous higher education programs? Potential teachers are leaving universities that, on average, do not train them enough to lead a class. This problem is most rife in the United States, with other countries that have better education in the world having ways to support their teachers correctly. Along with receiving high honors, prospective teachers are…

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