Essay about Graduation Speech : A Education Program

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Successful kindergarten transition means adjusting to a whole new structured environment on top of a more academically rigorous curriculum. A number of teachers reported that at least half of their children had trouble in the first few months of kindergarten in a number of different areas (Robinson & Diamond, 2014). Kindergarten readiness has changed since the national push for public prekindergarten programs throughout the nation (Hatcher, Nuner & Paulsel, 2012). There is a now a greater push for starting kids in a prekindergarten program at age three or four to better prepare them for the rigor and pace that is now the norm in today’s kindergarten classrooms. The days of students entering school for the first time in kindergarten has become more rare. Studies show the benefits of enrollments in center-based preschool programs help prepare children for the academic and social demands in a kindergarten classroom (Robinson & Diamond, 2014).
Some preschool programs have acknowledged this trend by providing a more structured and academic environment that is developmentally appropriate Since more parents are pressured into having to both work the desire for preschool programs that will help supplement the lack of time and or energy parents having in preparing children for kindergarten is desirable. It also has the potential of complementing parental efforts towards school readiness (Field & Garcia 2014). While not all publically funded preschool programs are alike studies…

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