Graduation Speech : A Day Retreat For Local Church Planters Essay

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Yes, I realize the October update is arriving in November. I knew something good was coming on the 3rd and I wanted to wait so I could tell you about it. On Thursday, November 3rd, Rooted Soul hosted a half-day retreat for local church planters. It was called Abide and is the first of what I hope will grow into be six retreats offered to church planters next year.

Abide is spaced created for church planters to reconnect their hearts with the heart of God through meditation on scripture and prayer. I provided them with a prayer prompt and the space necessary for them to listen to what God may desire to speak to them. Afterwards, we come together to allow them to listen to one another share what their experience was like and what they heard God saying. It is simple, but powerful.

Some of the highlights of the morning included a man who has been in Long Beach for about a year planting a church finally getting to connect with other planters in the area. He is from Georgia and is used to wide open spaces where he can connect with God. He has struggled to find such places in Long Beach. He said he felt like our home was a quite oasis that allowed him to meet God in a significant way.

The feeling that our home was a quiet, peaceful, God filled space was echoed by several others. It is a comment we often get when people spend time in our home. It feels as if God has blessed our home to be used for His purposes. I am grateful He chooses to use it this way.

When we…

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