Essay Graduation Speech : A Class Of 2020

1068 Words Nov 23rd, 2015 null Page
Welcome to ZCHS class of 2020! I would like to congratulate each and every one of you for not failing middle school. I know all those glue sticks and rulers can seem a bit overwhelming. Nevertheless middle school is a great place to prepare for high school. But now ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the big leagues. I remember when I was a kid I always saw high school as an intimidating place with muscular and scary teenagers. But inside those sturdy, menacing brick walls is a place where countless opportunities of happiness and life are found. In order to make the most out of the high school experience, you must put yourself out there as much as possible. Think to yourself “why the heck..” wait we’re mature teens now. I want you to see every opportunity ahead of you and think “why the hell not?” Before I attended Zionsville High School, I lived in Brazil. Nowadays, I commonly find myself talking to old friends is reminiscing all the memories we shared together. Just the other I called an old friend currently living in Belgium and we literally spoke on the phone for hours laughing about different moments: moments such as embarrassing ourselves with Brazilian soccer players in a friendly match. Or running through heavy rain with an ice cream in each hand. It wasn’t until those phone calls years later that I realized that other people’s opinion didn’t mean a thing. When preparing for college, and you reflect on your life at high school, the last thing you want to happen is…

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