Graduation Rate Of New York City Schools Essay

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It is especially important to note that many schools in Harlem offer no pre-college, Advanced Placement or College Readiness classes. The Graduation rate of New York City Schools is about 67% for four years graduation in June ( That is an alarming number considering that number includes students from affluent areas of New York and when broken down into boroughs the Bronx and Brooklyn graduate less than 50%. These numbers are due to a variety of factors but one such issue is the lack of opportunities for growth in many of the schools. To get into classes like BARD students have to apply early in 8th grade. There is no late acceptance into the program so if a student misses the deadline or simply did not go to the school in 8th grade they are excluded from the program. To add to this issue is that the number of students accepted is a very small percentage of the student body. Leaving the remaining students to be stuck in base level classes when they want and need to be challenged. This acceptance is based on a English grades, one writing sample and application which does not fully examine the student holistically. Pin holing students into accelerated and Regents tracks gives them nothing to aspire to later on. It perpetuates the idea that you are born into or given your position in society/school and must accept that you cannot move out. Many of the regents classes unfortunately offer little intellectual stimulation or opportunities for the for the students, they may…

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