Graduation Pathways That Affect Student Performance Essay

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Within the fifty states, each state has its own different requirements and graduation pathways. Each state has a different graduation rate, and the reason could be because of the different requirements of classes and the graduation pathways offered. Mississippi, Washington, Nevada, and Texas are four states with similar requirements but have various graduation pathways which affect student performance.
Mississippi offers four graduation pathways. Each pathway has numerous classes to be taken. According to Mississippi Department of Education, the student must have the four core classes: English, Math, Science, and History. One of the pathways is “Career Pathway Option.” In this option, the student must have four credits of English-- two being English I and II. It also includes three credits of Math, and one must at least have Algebra I. Three credits of Science and three credits of social studies are mandatory. These must include, Biology I, U.S. History, U.S Government, and Mississippi Studies. The student must also have a half credit of both Health and Physical Education, one credit of any Technology, four credits of Career and Technical Education Electives, and lastly two and a half credits of electives; making a total of 21 credits. The second option is “Traditional Pathway Option.” This option concludes to have 24 credits. Students must first have four credits of English, Math, and Science. Like the “Career Pathway Option,” these three core classes have the same…

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